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Sculpture & Crafts
Graphic Design Work

Graphic Design Work

This is some of my graphic design work. I've made collages and also enhanced my photographs. I use Adobe Photoshop and Corel software. I'll be adding more of my work in the future.

This is a photograph I took in San Diego, California. I made an abstract picture bringing out the black and blue tones, with some touches of grey!

This is a photograph I took of Maui. I love blue, and that is apparent in this abstract rendering.

Below is work I've done for the comedy/western 1971 TV show "Alias Smith and Jones."

I made this collage of the actor Pete Duel who played Hannibal Heyes in the show.

Here is a birthday sign I created for Pete Duel as Heyes - I used one of my photographs for the background:

This is a snowglobe I designed.

I made this collage of Pete Duel as Hannibal Heyes using one of my sunset photos.

This is what I call "Fan Piction" where I put photos of people in a TV show, so it's like they guest starred in their favorite show! This is one of me with the two stars of "Alias Smith and Jones" - Pete Duel as Hannibal Heyes and Ben Murphy as Kid Curry (I put myself closer to Heyes since I had a crush on him!) Also, you can see three drawings I did for Ben Murphy in the Drawings Gallery on this site.

Here are two animated signs I designed:

Here's one I made for Easter with an animated Easter Breakfast.

This one is for Leap Day 2012.

I have a website about this show if you're interested in seeing more of my work: Alias Smith and Jones Page.

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